Online Casino Gambling For Beginners

Online casino gambling is pretty different from live casino gambling. Some of the games may have the same rules but you will be playing them differently online. I will use game speed as an example. At a brick & mortar (B&M) casino you may play 50-100 hands per hour but at an online casino you can easily exceed 500 hands per hour. This is just one of many differences that live casino players will have to get used to when they start playing online. Other differences include marketing and game variety. I will start with a more detailed overview of the differences in game-play speeds.

Game-play Speeds At Online Casinos

Online casino gamblers do not have to wait for other players to decide if they want to hit or stay. They do not have to wait while the dealer explains the finer points of the game to a novice. They do not even have to wait while the dealer shuffles the cards. Online casinos also allow you to change the speed of the deal. I suggest lowering the game-play speed if you are new to Internet casino gambling. Even if the game is simple you may make costly mistakes by going too fast. You are used to live casino gambling so just play like you would at your local casino. Once you get the hang of it you can always increase your speed later.

I should point out that there are two types of casino online. The most common and the one I am talking about in this post are the traditional online casinos. These casinos are all computerized and use random number generators. The other type is the live dealer casinos. Live dealer casinos are almost exactly the same as B&M casinos; you are just watching a feed instead of being there in person. The most notable live dealer casino can be found at William Hill, a leading European casino. To learn more about this type of casino visit the link below:

William Hill Casino – bringing the rush of world-class online casino gaming to new and unprecedented heights!

Online Casino Marketing – Bonuses & Promotions

My local casinos send me coupons for free hotel rooms and buffets. Online casino gamblers have it much better. You will receive a large bonus when you make your first deposit. Many will give you additional bonuses on future deposits too. A typical online casino bonus may be a 100% match up to $500. These bonuses have some basic rules that prevent you from simply withdrawing them but you do get to play with the bonus money right away at many casinos.

Online casinos also run a wide range of promotions. These can be anything from a slots tournament to a cash give-away.

Online Casino Game Variety

Online casinos tend to have many more unique games than live casinos. If you think about it B&M casinos do not have many games at all. They have many machines but few games. Online casinos do not need duplicate games. The largest online casinos have over 300 games but on average I would say that most have 150. This is still several times more than brick and mortar casinos.

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