Online Skill Games For Real Money

online skill gaming for moneySkill games are basically just games. You can play a game like Monopoly or Yahtzee online for real money, or for fun. You wouldn’t need my help finding a web site to play games like this for fun. There are thousands of games sites out there. Game sites that offer real money play, especially to U.S. players, are rare. There are few respectable stand-alone skill game sites that I know of. The best places to play games for cash are gambling sites that offer other services. Betonline is a good example. They opened a real money game room a couple of months ago. Betonline is a sportsbook, poker room, casino and a couple of other things. The cool thing about a site like this is that you can switch from Yahtzee to Colossal Reels slot machines to poker with a few clicks of your mouse. Gambling sites like Betonline already have the payment processing infrastructure that Americans need. Every time a game site has tried to offer cash gaming it has been a mess.

Regardless of where you play games for money it is important that you realize that it is not like playing poker or like playing casino games. To be classified as a “skill game” you need to play playing against a human opponent, one who is risking their money to win yours. Some gambling sites claim to have skill games but the actual games are more like slot machines.

The problem all real money games sites have is cheating. This is more of a concern for games that three or four people play at once. Collusion used to be common at game sites like World Winner. Not sure how it is now. One player would do whatever he could to make sure that his buddy won the game. This is obviously not possible for all games. In a game like Yahtzee it is impossible to cheat or collude with another player. A game like Monopoly is different because Player 1 could possibly make moves that enable Player 3 to win the game – and Player 1 & 4′s money – easier.

Game sites have never done a very good job at spotting and dealing with this type of problem. I recall when World Winner first started offering real money gaming in the USA they were giving all new players $5. A small group of cheaters would use collusion to rip off other players and create hundreds of fake accounts. They ended up with a lot of money but while skill gaming sites like World Winner may not be good at spotting collusion/cheating they are very good at not paying players who break the rules. Sadly there always seems to be a new batch of people who will invest their time into stealing what appears to be easy money. Cash on World Winner stopped being viewed as real money after only a short time.

Gambling sites like Betonline that have skill game rooms do a much better job. It helps that they are not flooded with fake accounts and they do not attract cheaters. Their skill game room was setup for people who use their other gaming services.

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