US States With Legal Online Poker In 2014

states that allow internet poker for money 2014The year of 2014 will be thought of as the birth of the online poker market in the USA, despite the fact that Americans have been playing poker online for real money for over a decade. This list of US states with legal poker explains how the online gambling market in America will grow in 2014. I will briefly go over the basics in this post. In 2013 there were three states in the USA that legalized online poker and online gambling. The first was Nevada, he second was Delaware and the last was New Jersey. The first two states with legal Internet poker sites are so small that it didn’t really impact anything. Millions of US citizens still play at US poker sites  in 2014 like Betonline and Bovada Poker. New Jersey is a larger state so it attracted the attention of big names like Party Poker. NJ residents can visit the Party Poker web site and play online poker for real money. This has not happened since PartyPoker left the US market in 2006. – New Jersey Party Poker

The NJ Party Poker room opened in late 2013. They use the same platform as the Borgata Poker site and traffic is shared. Party poker used to be a big deal but they have not done very well  since they were bought by Bwin. These companies have ruthlessly stolen money from their partners. Most online poker affiliates will tell you to stay away from I am surprised that the state of New Jersey would partner with such a shady and corrupt company. The thefts and fraudulent activities perpetrated by Party Gaming and Bwin is well documented. If you are from NJ and are thinking about playing poker legally at this new poker room I would suggest you play for fun instead of real money.

Borgata Poker – – New Jersey Online Poker Room

Borgata has also opened an online poker site in NJ. This Poker review covers this legal new poker room. People from NJ  can claim a free $20 if they can manage to find the elusive Borgata Poker bonus code for 2014. I searched their web site – – but could not find it. There are only 200 people at during peak hours so it really isn’t something that has drawn much notice.

Delaware Poker

There isn’t much to say about Delaware Poker. They use the 888 platform and are a very small room. 888 isn’t untrustworthy like Party Poker so I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t play here if you live in Delaware. You can access this legal US poker room through the state’s lotto and horse betting web sites.

Nevada -  Ultimate Poker & WSOP Poker

Ultimate Poker and WSOP Poker are the two legal poker rooms in Nevada. Nevada was the first U.S. state to offer online poker. They were also the first American state with legal Internet casinos. Not many people live in NV so these new US poker sites and new US casinos in 2014 will not have an impact on the market either way.

Where The Other 99% Of America Plays Poker Online In 2014

If you added up the traffic at all of these legal Internet poker rooms in 2014 you would find that they represent about 1% of the total number of Americans who play poker online for cash in 2014. Where does the vast majority of U.S. citizens play poker? The list below answer this and provides you with some special bonus packages. These 2014 US poker sites accept players from every state in America.

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