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illinois online poker and casino gambling laws 2014Illinois is my home state and online poker and gambling is extremely popular here. Illinois has always been a pro Internet gambling state. Millions of Illinois residents currently play real money poker online, place bets at online sportsbooks and gamble at online casinos in 2014.  Multi-service IL gambling sites like and are the most popular destinations for Illinois residents who want to gamble online. Illinois poker sites in 2014 like Bovada boast thousands of American citizens at the tables non-stop, 24 hours a day.  Illinois residents can use the links below to receive special bonuses in 2014. I have added a section on Illinois online gambling laws in 2014 below. Bovada and Betonline are ranked as the best Texas poker sites in 2014 as well.

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Illinois Online Poker Laws

Gambling and playing poker are incredibly popular in many places all over the world. In many cities, casinos are raised that allow people to come in and have the chance to win a lot of money. Casinos often have thousands of customers walk through the doors on a daily basis. For those areas that do not allow gambling in a casino, online gambling is an alternative to the normal casino games. Losing isn’t the best feeling in the world, but winning brings a rush that is unmatched by anything else. This rush is intensified when and individual is playing a game and wins a large amount of money, and people can end up winning millions of dollars. Gambling becomes questionable, however, when it is held online, as many places completely ban online gambling. In fact, some places in the world have outlawed gambling completely, making it next to impossible to gamble for a large sum of money without breaking the law. If you are interested in playing Poker online, this article will cover the basics of legality of online gambling in Illinois.

Illinois bans gambling in casinos, but there is no direct law stating that gambling or playing poker online is against the law. Illinois online gambling laws in 2014 and Illinois online poker laws in 2014 are both very unclear. In addition, there has never been a single case of someone being arrested for playing online poker, making it even better for people who wish to play. There is no clarity when it comes to gambling online in Illinois, as the law does not specifically state that it is either legal or illegal, but since no one has been charged yet, it seems rather safe.

It is, however, illegal to play online poker if you are under the age of 18. This means that children or teenagers who wish to play poker online cannot use any type of real money.

There is currently a bill going through the works to amend the existing bill by adding online gambling and making it illegal. This started in 2012, and is still not in effect, meaning that internet gambling is still not stated as illegal in the existing bill. Bills of this type have been passed through before, but each one was pulled out due to a negative vote. Internet gambling could help the state earn money, but there is not future of casinos being raised in Illinois. If you want to play online poker, play it now, because it may be illegal soon. Hopefully 2014 or 2015 will be when Illinois legalizes and regulates online poker and online casino gambling.

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