Beating Online Casinos In 2013

If you want to beat online casinos in 2013 you will need to know more than just how to play certain casino games successfully. Taking advantage of casinos bonuses, promotions and VIP programs can easily reduce the edge the casino holds. Games like Blackjack have a very small house edge so if you can squeeze some money out of deposit bonuses and other perks you may be able to swing the edge in your favor.

  • Best online casino for U.S. citizens in 2013: The Bovada Casino.

Five Tips For Beating Online Casinos

Here are five tips on beating online casinos in 2013. These tips will help you avoid the usual mistakes and teach you about some small changes that can improve your odds of winning.

1. Take advantage of all bonuses, especially reload bonuses.

2. Do not drink while you play. Also, get rid of any distractions.

3. Read the rules and play a new casino game in play money mode before playing for cash. This will give you some good experience and reduce the chance of making a rookie mistake.

4. Do not use the fast-play mode. Playing 800 hands of Blackjack per hour is not a recipe for success. You should play at about the same speed as you would at a live casino.

5. Set strict limits for losing and winning. Many online casino gamblers will win a lot but lose it all back. Perhaps they stop viewing it as real money since they cannot see it. I have been guilty of this before.

All you have to do is lock your door so you are not distracted by your scantily clad spouse or significant other. Take regular breaks when you feel sleepy.

Mastering specific casino games is also important. You want to reduce the house edge to as low as possible. Avoiding games like Keno is a good idea because the edge is so high and cannot be reduced with skill. I would suggest playing only Blackjack but I know that it is not for everyone. You can play skill based games but be aware that the house edge will be a little higher. If you opt to play Blackjack you can find plenty of tips for improving your strategy. I will provide one Blackjack tip to get you started.

In the early days of my playing Blackjack I always committed the cardinal sin of splitting any pair I received and I am sure many of you still do this.  Time to stop this!

Here is a specific rule used by most smart blackjack players.Never ever be tempted or encouraged to split when you have a pair of 10’s or when you have a pair of 5’s. You should always split when you have a pair of Aces or when you have a pair of 8’s. For all other pairs, the choice to split is up to you, there are no advantages either way.

There are dozens of little tips like this that you will have to know if you want to beat online casinos in 2013.

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